Does Your Child Need A Little Extra Confidence?

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Most of us know just how difficult it can be to find your confidence. After all, it's something that most of us struggle with on a daily basis. Which only serves to highlight how much harder that is when you're a kid. When you're a kid, the world is a big and scary place and you're only just starting to figure out your place in it. This can make it feel near impossible to bring up your confidence or self-esteem. It can be just as hard to be a parent watching your child go through that but you don't have to let them struggle with it alone. Here are just a few things that you can do to help your child develop a little extra confidence.

Give them some extra independence

It can be tempting to try and protect your child at every opportunity. And of course, you're going to want to do that, after all, they're your child and taking care of them is your job. However, you need to make sure that you're not smothering them. If you try to protect your child from everything and never let them have any real independence, then you run the risk of making them feel afraid of just about everything. Let them do things for themselves and show them that you trust them. That way they'll feel much more confident when it comes to taking control of their own lives.

Focus on positive reinforcement

One of the most important things to remember is that it's not always your job as a parent to say no to things. Again, this often comes from a place of wanting to protect your child but if you're only ever telling them what they can't do, then they're going to end up feeling unable to do anything. The key is to make sure that you're putting just as much effort into telling them what they can do and positively reinforcing the things that they're doing. This isn't always easy but it really can make a huge difference to how positive your child feels about their actions.

Encourage them to find a hobby

One of the very best ways to help a child feel more confident is to give them something to focus their energy onto. If your child doesn't have something like that, they can end up feeling directionless and as though they're not good at anything. Whether it's buying them a computer or typewriter if they love to write stories or poems, or maybe buying them some sports equipment or signing them up for swimming lessons if they're really active, finding something that your child enjoys and encouraging it is one of the best ways to build up their confidence. Not only that but it can help them develop really important skills that they could end up using throughout their life.

Of course, it's important to remember that your primary job when it comes to helping your child become more confident is to support them. You should make sure that you're not pushing them too hard to do one thing over anything else. Otherwise, you're almost certainly going to end up having the complete opposite effect that you were hoping for.


Does Happiness Start With Money?

Is this even a question that need answering? Because yes, at the route of everything, we think that money does equal happiness. It controls us. From the foods we buy, to the clothes we wear, to the lifestyle we’re able to live. There’s not much you can do without money, and there's not many people out there who are constantly on the hunt for more money at some point! Of course, things such as family, friends, and pets all give us a large amount of happiness, but for the most part, it’s money that we’re searching for. But, how often do you think we’re actually happy with our financial situation? Do you not think we’re more focused on the negative aspects of money, rather than focusing on the positives? We think that most people are. So we want to show you why, and how, your happiness can start with money, and that money actually does make you happy!

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How Can Money Make Us Happy
Money can and does make us happy, as we have stated. But we want to go into more detail about the things in life that just give us freedom. Money can pay for a lot of things, and one of them is the freedom to own a home and have independence. We always view owning a home as a negative. They cost so much, things seem to break a lot and we always have to buy new things to keep it up to date. But, without owning a home, we wouldn’t be able to live the life we want to live. It also allows us to travel, which is probably the best thing that we could mention! Travel is exciting, yes costly, but truly freeing. All you have to do is save for as long as you need to save, and make sure you plan in advance. Half of the reason why money does the complete opposite but give happiness is because people really aren’t preparing for the worst!

When Doesn’t It

The question for some of you should be when does it. Situations where money might not make you happy, is when you might not have much of it. If this ever happens, you should look for the quickest and easiest solution, which for us, is a small loan. Loans are easy to take out, easy to pay back, and a real big relief when you feel like you’re running low. You can use personal loan interest rates comparison to make sure that you’re getting the best deal that you possibly can, and you should definitely never take out more than one loan at a time, just to make sure you’re keeping on top of your finances in the future!

How To Live With Minimal Money In The Bank

Sometimes you’re just going to have to come terms with the fact that you won’t have much money in the bank, and that you’ll need to cut down on things just a little. Our best advice would be to do a money plan, cut out pretty much all luxuries for a while and wait until your finances rise again! The less you spend, the quicker they’ll recover.

Nurture Your Creative Mind Through Journaling

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Nurture Your Creative Mind Through Journaling

Journaling can really help you to nurture your creative mind.  Whether you’re a photographer, artist or writer, your creativity is crucial to your ability to carry out your job.  Therefore, it consistently needs to be nurtured. So, how can journaling help with this? Below you’ll discover how to nurture your creative mind through journaling.

First things first – Choosing the right journal

If you want to get the most out of your creative journal, you’re going to need to make sure you actually enjoy using it.  As silly as it may sound, the first step to this is to ensure you like the look of the journal.  You will notice I mention this in almost every post.  I can't tell you how many journals I've stopped using because I didn't like the paper or pens bled through all of the time or it had lines.  Whatever.  #papersnob - what can I say?

How the journal is presented can make a surprising difference on how inspired and motivated you feel to use it. So, take your time to browse through the various journals on the market and choose one which speaks to you.

The benefits of a dream journal

There’s a lot of ways you can use the journal to inspire creativity. However, one you may not have considered using is dream journaling.  Many authors, artists, and musicians have discovered dream journals can help nurture their creativity. Dreams take on many different forms and can, therefore, be used to inspire creative ideas.

The lead singer of the band “Train”, famously opened up in an interview that the smash hit “Drops of Jupiter” was written after he had a dream.  So, if you are stuck for ideas, recording your dreams can be a great way to unlock your creativity once again.

Learning to trust the authority in your voice

When you start to keep a creative journal, it trains you to trust the authority in your voice. So, what does this mean? Well, it basically means you learn to stop double guessing and questioning your creativity.  A creative journal doesn’t have rules. Instead, it encourages you to write or draw freely. There are no corrections made to anything and nothing you put in the journal is ever wrong. So,  you’ll start to trust your creativity, rather than question it.

Growing your thoughts and insights

Creativity often stems from thoughts and insights. After you’ve jotted your thoughts down into the journal, you can go back to them another day and expand upon what you wrote.  Look at the ideas you’ve written down and see how they can be expanded. Often, it’s just the initial ideas which are the hard part. Once they’re written down, you should find it easier to expand upon them.

As you can see, nurturing your creativity is pretty simple if you follow the above ideas. The key is to use the journal every single day. You may need to force yourself to use it some days, but the effort you put in will definitely be worth it.

What to Do When Mental Health Becomes a Disability

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When we think of mental health problems, we tend to look at the symptoms of given conditions, but don’t really take time to consider how they can impact an individual’s day to day life and navigation of the world. They can actually become a serious disability, negatively impacting the quality of someone’s life in various ways. So, if you feel that you or a loved one’s mental health problem is becoming a disability, here’s everything you need to know!

When Does a Mental Health Issue Become a Disability?

When people are dealing with mild mental health concerns, they may be able to carry on with their day to day tasks uninterrupted. However, if you find that the symptoms and experience of a mental health issue are interfering with your day to day life and making day to day activities difficult to carry out, it is likely that it has become a disability. Some mental health issues are more likely to interfere with your general functioning than others. Conditions to note include:

However, it is important to remember that any mental health condition could develop into a disability, so if you feel that you are struggling, contact a medical professional who will be able to diagnose you, survey your symptoms, and measure the degree to which they are impacting your day to day life.

Dealing With Its Effects on Your Professional Life

If your mental health concern has become a disability, you are likely to notice that it impacts almost every area of your life, including your professional life. This can be extremely frustrating, as not only will you be experiencing the negative symptoms that come hand in hand with your condition, but you may find yourself in difficult situations, such as finding that your work contract is terminated due to an inability to attend work, an inability to make it into work on time, or an inability to carry out expected tasks and roles for a given period of time. Alternatively, you may find it difficult to land a job in the first place due to your condition. This can have a profoundly negative impact on your finances, placing you in an even worse situation than suffering from the disability alone. If you feel that you are experiencing prejudice when being interviewed for a job role, are experiencing prejudice in the workplace, or have been wrongfully expelled from the workplace due to your condition, you may want to file disability claims.

Dealing With Its Effects on Your Social Life

Mental health can also have a negative impact on your social life. If you do not inform loved ones of your condition, they may take offense to your behavior or actions. This can cause tension. However, if you are open with others and explain why you might not be as social, active, or involved, they should be understanding and help you through these negative times. If you are feeling alone, there are plenty of support groups and helplines out there to help you through this difficult experience!

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to understand how mental health problems can be linked to disability, and how to deal with their effects on your life in general!

Bullet Journaling 101: The Fundamentals of a #Bujo

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Bullet Journals 101

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past several months, you have probably heard of bullet journaling. However, understand exactly what it is and what is involved is a little trickier.

Boost Your Creativity with These Journaling Ideas

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Boost Your Creativity with These Journaling Ideas

Are you looking to boost your creativity through journaling?

While a creative journal can really help to develop and nurture creativity, it can be difficult knowing where to start. There’s also going to be times where a certain journaling method may stop working for you for a while. Whether you’re looking to start a creative journal, or you’re simply looking for a new method to try out, below you’ll discover some awesome journaling ideas.

September Reading List - a little late!

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A little late with my September reading list, but I did quit one job, start another, and have just generally been really busy.  

Depression, PPD, and Decades of Living Through It: When Postpartum Strikes

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Depression and PPD

This will hopefully be the last chapter I have to write on suffering through depression. In case you missed the first installments in the series, you can find them here.

The trial was over - yippee! We could finally focus on the goodness we had going on. Our little LB was coming soon.

Helping You And Your Family To Be The Best Versions Of Yourselves

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When you have a family, you just want everyone to be the best versions of themselves. You want everyone to be happy, healthy, and successful. It’s only natural to care about your loved ones. Of course, it can be hard to be the best version of yourself and ensure that your family members are striving for the same goal. But you shouldn’t have to support your family on your own, as we’ll discuss in this article, a group effort is needed. The following pieces of advice should help you and your family to be the best versions of yourselves.

Enhance Your Blog's Image with These Visual Tips

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Making your blog visually appealing is key to getting people to read it. If it looks boring, cluttered or out of date, it can put people off. Whether you write about your life or you try to offer informative posts about a specialist subject, your readers will be more likely to stick around if everything looks good. Don't worry if your blog isn't currently looking its best or you're just getting started with a new blog. You can create a beautiful blog that is pleasing to the eye and encourages people to keep reading. Here are some things you can do.

How to Achieve Any Goal

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Pretty much everyone has goals, right? For some people, it might simply be to make that promotion and earn a little more money and for some, it might be something a bit more ambitious like giving up work and traveling the world for a few years; it doesn’t really matter what our goals are, they are always important to us, and it is possible to achieve them if we set our minds to it.