Journey to Find Life's Purpose - Part 3

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Most of us don’t enjoy writing. A lot of people would much rather ponder things, but writing can be a very powerful tool. Clearly, if you have read my blog, you know I am not of that persuasion.  I have written posts on why I think everyone should have a journal, how to motivate yourself to journal daily,  and how to nurture your creative mind with journaling.  

Your perspective can truly change when you see your ideas on paper. Allowing a little light to shine on your thoughts and ideas can provide clarity. Dust off your notebook and take your pen to paper.

Writing is a powerful tool that can permit a dialog with your subconscious:

  • All you’ll need is a clean sheet of paper, a pen, and a quiet place for sixty minutes. You might not need a full hour.
    • A word processor can be used as a substitution to a pen. However, writing by hand is much more preferable.
  • Empty your mind of your preconceived ideas. Part of the reason you’ve been unable to discover the purpose of your life is your erroneous thinking. We limit ourselves far too much. The answers often lie in places we never bother to look. Keep an open mind.
  • Write, “What is my life purpose?” at the top of the page. This sets the stage and informs your subconscious of your purpose.
  • Write whatever comes to mind. You might think, “This is a dumb idea.” That’s fine. Write it down. Avoid judging any of your thoughts.
  • Expect that it will take 15 minutes to rid yourself of your mental clutter.
  • Stick with the process. At some point, you’ll want to quit or do something else instead. There’s no reason to be fearful of learning the truth. Fight through the discomfort.
  • Continue writing until you find it. How will you know? You’ll know. You’ll might even cry. Just keep writing until you’re certain you’ve found it.

Go with the answer that provides the greatest emotional surge.

Ensure that others won’t interrupt you during the process. Any significant interruption would require starting the process over from the beginning. Most people that attempt this exercise will quit before reaching the end. Be one of the few that completes the process.

Give it a chance. You have nothing to lose.


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