Motivate Yourself to Journal Daily

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Motivate Yourself to Journal Daily

Knowing why you should journal is just the beginning; you then need to motivate yourself to keep up with it. It is generally recommended that you write in your journal every day but doing it on a regular basis is also helpful. Look at these easy ways to motivate yourself to keep writing in the journal.

Have a Good Reason to Keep a Journal

First of all, you need to know exactly why you are journaling in the first place. You really need to think about the benefits of journaling and decide what your personal reason is for writing in the journal. This is often a personal decision, such as wanting to figure out why your anxiety or depression has increased or wanting to express your feelings in a way where you feel safe and not judged. Decide what your individual reason is, and it will motivate you to keep writing.

Choose the Right Type of Journal

The journal you write in also makes a difference in motivating you to use it. If it is a large journal that doesn’t fit in your pocketbook, then you probably won’t use it as often. It should be something you could access at any time, such as putting it in your laptop bag, briefcase, handbag, or even the glove box of your vehicle. The mood may strike during your lunch break when you’re in the lunchroom and it helps to have the journal available at that time.

Decide On a Method You Want to Use 

There may also be a certain type or method of journaling that becomes more motivational to you than other methods. You might not like writing long sentences and paragraphs and that you prefer keeping track of everything with bullet journaling. On the other hand, when discovering different forms of journaling, you may want o simply keep a regular daily journal or a food journal if you are trying to lose weight. Find the type of journal you want to keep and you will find the motivation to continue doing it each day. Read about different methods of journaling in my post, How to Simply Grow Your Journaling Practice.

Make it More Creative

Perhaps what will motivate you is making journaling more colorful and fun. You could be someone who enjoys lots of brilliant colors and pictures more than plain text.  If so, have fun colorful pens and various art supplies, then you will be much more willing to keep up with your daily journaling than using a plain black or blue pen.



Elaine said...

You've reminded me how much I actually miss journaling! When I was a teenager, I was very good at journaling every day. Then I got to college and the habit fell off.

Sarah said...

I keep saying that I will get back into journaling but then I don't for some silly reason. This post reminded me that I need to make a real effort to journal regularly again, as it was a great way to keep track of things and do emotional dumps when needed.

Lee said...

College tends to do that! I find doing it at the same time daily helps!

Lee said...

Love the heart dump, the brain dump! Really feels like it releases it from you somehow .