Top Tips to Help Reluctant Readers

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Reading is an essential skill used in every aspect of life, from taking exams through to reading warning signs. Therefore, learning to read is one of the most important things that we can teach our children. While some kids love books, others are more reluctant which represents a real challenge, especially when they start bringing home reading books from school.

If your child is a reluctant reader, why not try some of the top tips below to see if you can bring out their inner bookworm?

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Play to their Interests

If your child is seriously unenthusiastic about reading, take some time to think about their hobbies and interests. Nowadays there is such a wide variety of kids books available on almost every subject, including novelizations of favourite kids films, along with books written by celebrities, so you’re sure to find a book that piques their interest that they will be keen to engage with.

Try Audio Books

While they may not be physically holding a book and reading a story, audio books for kids have many benefits. When listening to an audio book, your child will still be following a story, using their imagination and expanding their vocabulary, which are significant first steps towards developing an interest in reading. Engaging your child in a conversation about the story that you are listening to will help to build their reading comprehension skills. Talking about the book together will encourage your child to think more about the story and to begin identifying different plot features and personalities of the main characters.

Audio books are perfect for entertainment on long car journeys and are ideal for bedtimes too. Getting the whole family to listen to an audio book is an ideal way to spend some screen-free time together.

Take it in Turns

If the thought of reading a whole book leaves your child feeling overwhelmed, why not try taking it in turns. Take it in turns to each read a page so that your child can take a break and listen to the story before continuing to read. Taking it in turns to read alternate pages should help them to find reading less off-putting and more of a fun activity that you can do together.

Try not to Turn it into an Issue

Encouraging a reluctant reader to pick up a book and read it can be one of those genuinely stressful parenting moments! Keeping your cool when your child won’t cooperate is incredibly frustrating. However, trying not to turn their reluctance to read into an issue is most likely to be for the best.

Keep on encouraging your child with their reading as best as you can despite their reluctance. You could try compromising and getting them to read for a shorter amount of time than you would like, to make sure that they are still reading albeit for less time. The most important thing to do is to keep showing reading as a fun and positive activity and not as a chore.


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