Why You Should Be Open To Foreign Home Buyers

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Selling your home isn’t easy at the best of times, but it's a task that we have to go through. Moving properties is a big change in your life. it's a chapter which you won’t forget and for good reason. When you’re selling you’re also buying, but that also means you’re making a huge transaction financially speaking. Maybe it's not actually about the money for you. Perhaps you’ve got a new job in another city or country, maybe you have just had a divorce and you need to sell quickly. Regardless of what the reason is, ask yourself would you really mind if someone from abroad bought your home? For the seller, money is money right, so why does this not occur more often? Yes, it might mean higher fees from real estate agents, but even then that’s not always the case.

One on one

Property buyers from abroad are often not your average home buyer. They are usually wealthy and are represented by their agent or manager. However, you can enter into a one on one relationship with the buyer. This can mean you have a better line of communication with them. In turn, you can negotiate a better price after having struck a relationship with them. The other benefit of having a one on one relationship is that you cut through legal jargon and middlemen. There are no funny games with smoke and mirrors, what you see is what you get. Because the bond is stronger, you can ask for more flexible terms such as moving out at a later date if you don’t want to be rushed.

A better expertise

Selling your home to abroad buyers first means you need to list your home around the world. To open up a realm of possibilities speak to William Pitt as they have a worldwide presence. Using their international network and platform, they can get your property the exposure to various markets around the world. You also get better expertise of the kind of client you should look for and speak to, as well as pricing your home accurate in accordance with the markets not just in your city or country, but worldwide. In comparison to other homes around your neighborhood you might get a competitive price but comparing to worldwide options you might get a spectacular price from buyers who are abroad.

You have more bargaining power

Since the buyer is abroad and they themselves know that you are offering them a chance to buy the property in front of perhaps local buyers, you have more options to bargain with. Buyers from abroad are often looking for specific properties, so since there are fewer options for their tastes, you have the ability to negotiate a higher price. You also have the fallback options of selling nationally or by region, so they cannot pressure you into believing you are their only hope.

Buyers from abroad are usually going to be wealthier than the average domestic property buyer. However, you have much more power to up the ante and increase the price.


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