July Reading List

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How I have managed to keep up with books over the past month is some what beyond me, but thank goodness for audiobooks! Without them, I definitely would not be able to tear through so many books a month. Here's July's Reading List a little late!

The "new" book by Harper Lee took me hook, line, and sinker.  I felt like I was right back as a 10 year old reading "To Kill a Mockingbird".  This time, Scout, is all grown up and living in New York City.  She comes back home and her view of the world she grew up in, the people she loves, and what race means in the South is shattered.  Reese Witherspoon read the audiobook and I was absolutely floored by her ability to act just through the act of reading a book.  The book, itself, forced me to question a lot of thoughts I have about growing up in the South.

"Wedding Night" is a true chick lit book.  It's fully predictable but utterly hilarious.  It tells the story of two sisters trying to find their way through the mess we call life and trying to find love in the process.  It is a funny take on what happens when old loves find us again and what happens when life doesn't quite happen as you thought it would.

I loved Liz Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" and I think I was expecting "Big Magic" to be similar in writing style.  If you go in expecting a story, that is not what you will receive.  That being said, what she writes is so spot on about the inner creative living and dying to get outside of ourselves.  She talks about the courage it takes to just do what we love without the baggage of making it a "career" or something that generates an external reward for the creation in and of itself should be our reward.

I love weird young adult novels and this one is no exception.  It follows time travelers that go back in time to either retrieve works from artists that were never published or to capture the old works so they can be still be enjoyed in the future.  The world as we know it has collapsed and libraries no longer exist.  Although time travel has been outlawed, Stassi works for a Syndicate that has wealthy patrons willing to pay to recover the cultural artifacts of the past.  This episode in the series takes Stassi back to 1925 Paris where she runs with the Hemingways, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.  A bit juvenile but you quickly become captivated.

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Hope to get August's Reading List out before September!  Been rough moving and trying to unpack!



Bloglove2018 said...

They all sound amazing! Now I have to find time to read them!!

Unknown said...

Oooh new books for me to look for! I'm a bookworm for sure and these all sound like great reads..

Llama Punch said...

Great list! As you know, I've read "Big Magic" and am a huge fan. Will have to check out the others. Thank you for the great reviews and recommendations!

Phillipa McNeill said...

I love audiobooks, I would never get through so many without them. I have them on whilst I'm working and this gives me a new list of titles

Laura Easlick (Cornish Maid) said...

Some great suggestions here! I'm always looking for new books to read, so thanks for sharing. A few people have recommended the 'Big Magic' book now so I think I will definitely have to check that one out first! :) x

Tina TBR Etc said...

I loved Big Magic. I know it was a little "out there" but some of the stories about how when she didn't listen to her inner inspiration and one of her writer friends picked up the story... so crazy!

Elena Alice said...

I really enjoyed Big Magic. It gave me the needed kick in the pants to reignite my passion for writing and art (both as hobbies)