The Power of Journaling

I began journaling I think as soon as I could write complete sentences. I always was trying to find a way to getting everything going on in my head out. There was very little method is my scribing. Sometimes, I would write daily, even multiple times a day, and then other times, it would be weeks, if not, months...probably even years if I am honest. Regardless of frequency, I always returned. Things would become too overwhelming. Life would feel too bad. I’d be struggling with something I just couldn’t get over. Writing always seemed to help. It might not have helped immediately, but it just felt good to get some of the mundane madness out of the churn that existed within me.

Depression has been a friend and enemy for most of my life both through adolescence and adulthood. Motherhood really brought a depression reckoning from which I’ve only recently come out of. Throughout it all, writing was a constant companion. Prior to motherhood, there was the actual trying to get pregnant which in and of itself created a new kind of anxiety, fear, and sadness. What if I could not have a child? What if the little LB I’d dreamed of since forever wasn’t to be.

The What If's - YUCK!

Again, journaling proved to be the best therapy.  I knew, however, that I need more habit, more routine, and more method to my madness if I was going to get through this with a clear head.  Pinterest is, of course, a great resource. The more I searched for planning, routines, the more I seemed to find. Along my search, I came across Boho Berry who mentioned Hal Elrod who had created this idea of “The Miracle Morning”. The central premise is around S.A.V.E.R.S. A series of daily habits: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing.

A Framework

This framework created a pattern of habits that allowed me to incorporate journaling into my daily life. I couldn’t just do it when I felt like it, but I would wake every morning and practice. Practice meditation, practice positivity through affirmations (like I have a healthy pregnancy), practice visualization (through my vision board), practice exercise, reading I already down pat, and the daily practice of scribing. Writing down every thought, every feeling, every worry, and let it go to the universe. It no longer mattered if I felt like it; it really didn’t matter what I said; it just mattered that I did it daily.

Had to Do It Daily - Habit

I had tried to do Morning Pages in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron for years, but without much success. For whatever reason, the Miracle Morning resonated with me. Well, to be truthful, everything but the exercise part did! I felt lighter in the mornings and I felt more in tune with myself than I had in years. Another great tool was the Awemanac. Great prompts and ways to get your mind working creatively.

I regressed a bit during the first 8 months of LB’s life, but honestly, as a new mom, I just couldn’t think in the morning trying to get her fed, dressed, and myself to work. I’ve been back at it with a vengeance (at least the writing portion) since the end of last year and I tell’s been the one unwavering way I’ve found myself daily.