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I showed my affirmation board here, but I truly believe they work wonders. Affirming what you believe about yourself, your environment, and your life is a critical component in developing self-love, eliminating self-doubt, and telling the world what you expect from it. While that sounds a little like hocus pocus, it works for if for no other reason than giving a daily mood boost.

Happiness is truly one part simply be grateful for what you have. Repeatedly filling your mind with positive thoughts and feelings and eliminating the negative ones creates an air of hope within the soul and spirit. Buddha created an entire religion out of trying to eliminate one's desires. Affirmations are a practice that enables one to recenter expectations and feeling happiness whenever one draws upon them.

According to some research, affirmations actually rewire the brain. They help raise the good feeling hormones in the body. Similar to exercising one's body, the more you do it, the stronger those muscles become. Think back to a time when you kept brooding over whatever negative.  Generally speaking, the more you concentrate on it, the worse and worse you feel.  You need a distraction in order to backtrack back to reality and being positive.  

I, myself, have noticed if I start dwelling in my morning pages about bad stuff that I have to stop myself and write 

I am only going to focus on the positive now

Sometimes that jerks me back to reality; sometimes it doesn't, but the act of writing it out, acknowledging my mindset, starts to turn the tide back to what my true intention should be.  The Secret discusses at length about the power of intention, affirmations, and truly believing in whatever circumstances you desire to have in your world.  I always go back to where I was in the summer of 2016 -- desperately wanting to get pregnant and changes jobs.  I wrote and read daily: I have a healthy pregnancy and I have a new job.  By June, I was pregnant.  By September 1, I started a new job.  The one thing to always remember, however, is to be careful what you wish for.  I got a new job, but I should have been extremely explicit.  I should have been stating:

I have a new job I love