How Vision Boards Can Change Your Life

How Vision Boards Can Change Change Your Life

If you don’t believe me, read on

Back in 2008, I was getting ready to graduate from MBA school and started a vision board with Blogger. I was excited and nervous to move back to China. [Side note: I told my mom at 10 that the Forbidden City used to be my house and I wanted to learn Chinese and move to China. I studied abroad in Beijing in 2001.] Due to my previous experience with wanting something so much and it happening, I figured why not outline the rest of what I wanted in life.

Text from 2008 board 

Now, I did not get the VP of Research Hotels job (I was 28 after all). However, if you read the highlighted part, you’ll see my description of my perfect husband and our child. Fast forward to 2011, I met a man that perfectly matched my description, we married in 2014, and had our little girl in 2017. Below is a collage of the accompanying pictures I placed on my vision board. I know Matthew Mcconaughey and Patrick Dempsey - how cliche! The other pictures are of housing design both interior and exterior. Honestly, after I made this, I don’t think I ever looked at it again. There were a total of 4 posts in my “Vision Board” Blog.

Pictures from Blogger Vision Board 2008

Freaked out yet?

I mentioned my husband and I married in 2014 and had a little girl, Bella Boo, in 2017. The struggle to get pregnant was real. I truly began to believe I had waited too long; I was too old; my eggs had all died. Plus, we started going to the fertility clinic which was not a pleasant experience. My head and heart hurt. I had wanted a little girl since I was a little girl. I couldn’t imagine if this dream/goal didn’t come true. So, what did I do? I started another vision board. I needed something to make me stay positive, focus on what was important, and what I wanted.

Vision Board from 2016-2017 

I found the Wishboard App and made my first Wishboard. You’ll note the pictures of little baby girls (maybe a little creepy but it helped), pictures of homes, job stuff, a 4 Runner, and a big boat. I also did Affirmations every day. Part of this came from something I read. Hal Elrod wrote a book Miracle Morning. The basic premise is successful people complete 6 things every morning: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing - SAVERS for short. I’ll talk more about this in another post.

Every day from Feb 2016 until January 26, 2017, I completed the affirmations, journaling, and visualization parts of this miracle morning method. I got pregnant on Memorial Day weekend of 2016. After Miss Belle was born, the miracle morning wasn’t quite as habitual as I would have liked. But really, what first time mom, working full time, waking up several times a night, can be so disciplined? Not this mom especially because I was suffering from MAJOR postpartum depression. For almost a year, I cried and cried but didn’t know why. I hated and questioned everything about myself as a person, a mother, a wife, everything. I digress.

Things turned a corner at the end of last year. Getting set up with the proper medications, therapist, and psychiatrist was literally a life saver. I don’t know what my husband or I would’ve done without them. Again, will likely blog more about PPD in future posts.

Now, it’s May 2018. Here is a picture of my most recent wishboard. If you look at the top, there’s this beautiful white columned house. I put that in my vision board back in Feb 2016.
Current Vision Board May 2018

If you look at the vision board from 2008, you’ll notice a house that looks eerily similiar.

Pictures from 2008 Vision Board 
Well, guess who has put an offer in on that house?? My husband and I did. Offer been accepted and if the home inspection and financing go through without a hitch, we’ll be moving in this summer!