Type A and Perfectionism

So, in the past few years that I've been thinking about starting this blog, I had thought about the various platforms (WP.org, WP.com, Blogger) and some that I have found since I've researched platforms at my current job (Zoho, Bitrix24, Google Sites).  I was most familiar with Blogger as that is how I hosted a blog when I lived in China, but that was also 10 years ago.  

I proceeded to build essentially the same exact website on each of these platforms.  Using as similiar fonts, backgrounds, color schemes, actually who is kidding who, they were the exact same except when I couldn't work around weird font things or layouts or monetization prevention.  I wanted every one of them to do a little something that could be done on one of the other platforms but just not quite the way I wanted it.  Suzi, at Start A Mom Blog, has fantastic advice, e-books, resources, you name it.  Everything, however, centers around downloading Wordpress.org which I do not want to do onto my work computer.  I also have some hesistation about self hosting and what not.  I am just beginning this adventure...I'm not prepared to shell out money on a monthly or annual basis no matter how "little" it is.  

Sorry I ramble...I settled on Blogger because of comfortability and familiarity.  Maybe, in the future, I'll find my needs are different.  The main learning of all of this is just HOW TYPE A and how much of a PERFECTIONIST I tend to be which is ok most of the time, but not when you are trying to get into a new hobby - something that is supposed to be fun and therapeutic.  I've found that motherhood and being a wife have created similar reactions and anxieties.