My Why

I have been thinking about starting this blog for over 2 years.  I have gone through I can't tell you how many fonts, designs, palettes, journals, notebooks, pens.  You name it.  Then, I actually started to create different websites.  I think I've created the same website at least 5 times now on different platforms.  Finally, I decided I just have to begin because well, why not?

I love journaling, I've blogged in the past about a totally different topic, China, which is still my passion, but it seems like the right time to begin something fresh and new.  So here I am...trying to find my WHY.  I have found a lot of it over the years through self-reflection, writing, being introspective, reading, and most recently through my husband and little Bella Boo.
Ultimately, I want to work for myself so I have the freedom to raise my little girl, have financial freedom, am not constrained by debt, and to express myself publicly through the written word.  I look forward to the adventure.  For life truly is always a magical adventure.