The Benefits Of Having Social Media As A Blogger

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Social media helps to keep us all connected in this modern world. However, for those who have careers that are linked in with the online world or perhaps require them to network, social media can be a tool that can offer you more than just casual conversations between friends and family. With that being said, here are the benefits of having social media as a blogger.

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Connects You To More Potential Followers

The best thing about social media is that there are millions and millions of people who use social media platforms and as a blogger, that can become a goldmine. When you’re trying to improve and build on your blog, it’s important to try and raise a following and one way to do that is by connecting yourself to social media and connecting to potentially more followers as a result. The more followers you build, the better it can be for you as a blogger, whether you consider it to be a career or whether you fancy yourself at becoming an influencer.

When signing up to social media platforms, try starting on one first and then building from there. That way, you can put all your attention into one area.

Good For Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion is certainly important when it comes to being a blogger because the more people following on a social media handle, the more that are likely to cross-over and follow your blog. That’s why it’s very important to try and link up the platforms, so you perhaps have a link to your website on Instagram for example and then you have an Instagram icon on your website that goes straight to the gram’s profile page.

It’s a quick and easy way of making sure that you’re taking advantage of what these social media platforms can offer you in the form of additional followers.

Connections With Other Bloggers & Collaborations

With social media, there are so many businesses looking to work with bloggers and those who have a significant influence on their platforms. Some are willing to pay good money for it too, and this might be something you want to consider doing, especially when it comes to your blog too. The power that the internet holds for advertisers is incredible, and as a blogger, it’s something you want a piece of, right?

You Can Create A Fan Base

And finally, when you get to that point of growing a considerable fan base, you may be at that point where you’re finding celebrity fan accounts have been made about you. Those can really be a great thing for you as a blogger because those devoted fans will be tirelessly promoting your content, creating fan edits, etc. When you get to that level of success on social media, it can end up starting to pay you a lot both in financial value but also a success on your blog too.

Make social media something that you concentrate on this year, especially as it can really do wonders for you as a blogger.


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