Gifts to Give a Pragmatic Parent

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Do you dread getting your parents gifts whether if it's for Christmas, birthdays or holidays? It's not because you don't love them, quite the opposite actually. 

You feel that your heartfelt emoji-filled text message and Facebook greeting are not enough to communicate the admiration and gratitude you have for the people who raised and loved you. While your parents try to show their appreciation with the gifts you've given in the past, you know when they'll chuck those items in storage or even regift them to friends being pragmatic people. Consider getting these gifts for your practical parents and let this year be the year they'll finally say, "Wow, I'm glad you got me these."

  1. Family Portraits
Add spice to the photo wall of your childhood house full of graduation pictures and old photos by inviting everyone to get family portraits. The act of gathering all members to wear their best clothes and do goofy poses will surely be a memory your parents will keep forever in their hearts and in picture frames. Have a special photoshoot service for just your parents where your mom can show off her freshly retouched jewelry and your dad in his dashing suit.

  1. Premium Bed Sheets with Memory Foam Pillows
Ask any parent what they really want the most and they'll answer with sleep. Snoozing for 8 hours was a luxury they barely afford while taking care of you as a child and holding down a full-time job. Help them make up for the lost hours by getting them nice premium bed sheets with memory foam pillows for a good night's sleep and avoid neck pain.

  1. Month Supply of Groceries
There's nothing more practical than buying your parents their favorite frozen burger patties and fresh produce for the month. Arrange a family trip to the grocery and let them pick anything they want from the shelves with a promise you'll handle the bill. Don't forget to remind them to add healthy items in the cart like how they made you eat broccoli as a child.

  1. Short Vacation 
Reward your parents by organizing a short all-expense-paid vacation for just the two of them. Studies have shown that taking time off to recharge and reconnect can reduce stress and even prevent heart attacks and other coronary-related diseases. Be sure to book everything for them from flights, tours, and accommodations so they won't have to worry about the logistics and focus on spending time with each other's company.

  1. Personalized Salon Coupons
Talk to your parents' favorite hairstylists, manicurists, and personal grooming professionals and come up with a special head to toe pampering package. They will surely feel attended and appreciated while they relax and let the experts do their work.

  1. Massage Equipment
As humans grow old, their bodies will not work the same way as it used to at a younger age. Joints stiffen and backache due to natural wear and tear. This is why giving your parents massage equipment will help them feel better physically. You don't have to buy them an expensive massage chair. Something small and portable such as a foot or back massage device will be much appreciated.

Giving gifts to parents is a challenge worth taking especially since they were vital to your growth and upbringing. Be mindful and work around their practicality when choosing presents they will actually use.

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