Level 10 Life Explained: A 3 Year Journey of Discovery

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Level 10 Life
 I first heard of the Level 10 life from Boho Berry who heard from it from Hal Elrod. I've always enjoyed goal setting, self-motivation, dreaming, planning, and creativity. This seemed to combine all of those things! Needless to say, I was very excited to do it myself. So, what exactly is this Level 10 Life thing?
At its core, it is a self-evaluation of where you stand in 10 core areas of your life. These areas are:
  1. Family and Friends 
  2. Personal Development 
  3. Spirituality 
  4. Finances 
  5. Career/Business 
  6. Marriage/Relationship 
  7. Fun 
  8. Giving/Contirubtion 
  9. Physical Environment/Home 
  10. Health/Fitness

How do you complete this evaluation? You can draw a circle/wheel and divide into 10 areas and label them. Then, color up to where you currently believe that area of your life stands. You can also use bar charts, a square, or anything else that strikes your fancy. After you've completed this initial step, then the next step is to determine what would make those areas of your life increase. What would make them a 10? For each area, write down a few things that would make you feel like you were living their level 10 value. In Health/Fitness, it might be complete a Whole 30 Challenge or the 21 Day Fix Program

Of course, if it was easy to complete everything we wanted to complete in one fell swoop, then we'd all do it all of the time. We all know, however, that it's not quite that simple. So, the next 2 parts are when you really focus in on what matters most to you now and what you want to do. Then, you create real actionable steps for the next quarter to help you get there.

I completed my first Level 10 Life review back in April of 2016. As you can see from the wheel, I was really delighted in my marriage and apparently having a lot of FUN! I chose to focus on 5 areas: finances, career, personal development, marriage, and health/fitness.

For Actionable steps:
The first step for our finances was to save money.

  • In order to save money, we needed to know where the money was going.
  • In order to know that, we had to make a budget
For my career, I wanted a new job
  • updated my resume, posted it, and applied to a few jobs.
  • we were doing well but wanted to start a family 
  • next step: fertility clinic
Health/Personal Development
  • Miracle morning 
  • walk 40 min/ day 
  • eat 5 fruits/veggies per day 
  • mediate and color
I actually reviewed my progress after Q1. WHAT - WAY to go with follow through! I actually even told myself well done.
 In September of 2016, I started a new job and I was pregnant - two goals complete!

That Dec of 2016, I completed another review. I thought I'd improved in Family and Friends but generally, everything else stayed the same. Guess what - that new job wasn't quite as fabulous as I had hoped. Mostly, the goals hadn’t changed from 2016 to 2017 except we were now expecting and going to have a baby shortly.

Over the last 3 years, what I have learned most from these reviews is that I am entirely TOO critical on myself and my life. Yes, you should always strive for better. That being said, I ranked myself 5 or below for most everything but my marriage and family/friends. In the beginning of 2016, we lived a beautiful townhouse. Did we have too much stuff? Yes, but it certainly didn’t warrant a 5. Currently, we live for FREE in my family’s farm house yet it too has been consistently rated as less than 5. Is it really old and needs the laminate floors to be replaced? Yes, but it’s FREE - how can that not be at least an 8???

Even more ridiculous, I just completed another wheel and this was my initial rating:

Again, everything rather ho hum, but it’s not! I’m getting my dream house, I’m volunteering (finally), I feel in touch with God, I’m writing my blog, I’m having a blast with my family, friends, husband, and in life. So the revised version is below. My job still sucks and I still need to lose a lot of weight, but otherwise, I’m doing awesome! No more PPD! Dream House! Perfect little girl! Great hubby! YES!

Do you want to create your own Level 10 life?

If you want the full printable bundle with Level 10 wheel,
goal template, The Big Ones, and Action Steps, click here.  

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