Let's Start Feeling Creative Now

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Creativity is not just art in the museum or the picture sense of the word.  I assert this yet still struggle with this even though I know it to be true.  Why do I feel this way?  Because I can't draw, sing, make beautiful things to be displayed in galleries.  However, I keep working on believing that I am still and have always been creative.

Why the Struggle?

Once you get past elementary school, if aren't accurately depicting something by drawing or another medium, then art class becomes a free period because you aren't good at creating replications of real life.  I started reading Creative Courage and realized creativity is not limited by putting ink to paper or paint to paper or sculpting something.  Creativity exists in problem-solving, thought, leadership, business, and everyday life.  

My blog is a creative outlet.  I get to make pretty graphics to go with blog posts.  I might not physically be drawing them, but I am creating something that did not exist before.  Something I find beautiful even if no one else does.  I make art journals with magazines, construction paper, glue sticks, markers, and pens.  Oh wonderful pens!

In the simplest of terms, creativity can be defined as bringing something new into being. By using that definition, every moment of every day can be defined as a creative moment filled with a creative spark.  That also means we must approach life as such. Don't get me wrong, I love Routine!  We sometimes, however, get into a rut and see life as not having much zest.

I challenge you to get out of that rut!

Embrace whatever hobbies, beauty, or inspiration you see fit.  Use that to inject creativity into your work, your life, your home!  Creativity is only limited by how we limit ourselves.  Journaling is a creative outlet - I tend to forget that.  Confronting an empty page every day (or almost every day) and just getting words to paper helps to let the mind have a brain dump.  While it might not feel like much, it clears out the cobwebs.  In Julia Cameron's book, she details how merely getting that "stuff" out clears the way for our creative selves to come to forefront and participate in daily life.



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