Social Media Automation Series - Part 3:

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I just starting using and so far, I've enjoyed it.  You are able to curate content by pulling from feeds or websites you like.  Since getting into blogging personally, there are several bloggers of
which I've really enjoyed their blogs, tweets, etc. They are :

They're all about bujo, planning, staying sane as a MOM, and helpful tidbits of advice on trying to run our crazy everyday lives.  With the free plan, you only get to follow 5 feeds.  You can follow them in 2 different ways:

1) Automated 2) Curated

With Automated, the posts from these feeds are posted automatically for you.  So from the picture above, I posted something from  Tiny Ray on May 19th and from Sunny Sweet Days 6 hours ago.  No muss; no fuss.  You pick your feeds and posts are completed automatically.  I love these wonderful ladies' stuff so I don't feel the need to look before posting.

With the Curated feeds, you have the ability to go in and add them to your queue and then they post based on the schedule you've made.  You can post up to 10 times a day; therefore, you can choose your best 10 times to post.  One thing to keep in mind is it's a total of 10 posts per day.  So, if your automated feeds have posted that day, then your curated posts will have less that number of spots to post.  Most bloggers don't post more than once a day so this typically won't be an issue. 

One pitfall - you can only connect Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and Linked In on the free plan.  NO PINTEREST!  That's a bit annoying since we all know Pinning is a key social platform.  That being said, there are other tools that allow you to post to Pinterest no problem.  As I mentioned in my other post on Crowdfire, Crowdfire doesn't allow Pins unless you are a paid user.  

Here is a total plan comparison of the varying levels of plans.  As a beginner, five sites is plenty for me.  It ensures I won't miss any of my fav bloggers' posts which is how I intend on using it.  I know I'll always share what they share and fingers crossed I'll get some love back.  😊😍

Plan Comparison

You can also simply tweet within the app interface and has a chrome extension making it very easy to share while you are reading.  In my humble opinion, extensions or bookmarklets are essential for a social media app.  If you can't add things as you read and from the page, it is annoying to have to copy links, go to X platform, and then share.  This is especially true since most now have extensions and you don't have to waste your time retyping everything.  One note:  anything you share via scheduling or the extension will count against the 10 posts per day

Overall, this tool is the best for following specific bloggers or feeds that you love.  You can automate or curate content.  When you are starting out, consistently being able to find worthy content to share that isn't just your own can be hard.  My post on is another great example of finding others' content to share in order to start building a community of bloggers.  

Next time - one of my favorites - Buffer!


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