Affirmations and Vision Boards

Affirmation Board

I started practicing Affirmations when my husband and I started trying to get pregnant.  I was getting so negative and so down.  I really believed it was a lot of hocus pocus, but I also knew I could not continue the negativity.  What little girl would want me to be her mom if I was feeling so yucky on the inside?  I surely wouldn't have wanted to come live in my body at that time.  Believe it or not, I wrote and thought "I have a healthy pregnancy" EVERYDAY for 6 months and I got pregnant.  Now, my board says "I have a healthy, happy baby girl" EVERYDAY because well that's what I need now.  Goodness knows, once those teenage years come, I'll be writing healthy happy teenager.

Vision Board/Wish Board

Similarly, I started a Vision Board when we were trying to get pregnant.  The original one had pictures of little girls (not mine) in the center that I dreamed of having myself.  Now, there's a picture of my sweet girl.  More to come on the original vision board and how it has progressed.

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