5 Bad Driving Habits You Need to Stop

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There are many habits that every driver develops according to their own personality. But some of the worst driving you need to stop that can ruin your car include the following ones.

Hard Acceleration in a High Gear

Many people accelerate improperly. It can be tempting to hit the accelerator, thinking it's the best way to get where you need to go. But doing this can damage your drivetrain, gearbox, and engine. You may also need auto glass repair because shaking the car causes a chip to become a crack. This is because when you accelerate at a low RPM, the engine has to work harder, and the motor becomes strained. You must shift up when there are sufficient revs from the engine.

Revving a Cold Engine

A warm engine is a happy engine. Using your car for very short journeys, such as going to a grocery store a few hundred meters away, can be bad for your vehicle. This is because the engine doesn't have enough time to warm up properly. However, the engine is always cold at some point. The real damage can occur by revving the engine when it's cold. Revving a cold engine causes wear and tear because the oil isn't lubricating it properly until it's warmed.

Driving Habits You Need to Stop Includes Braking Too Late

Acceleration and braking are critical to operating your vehicle correctly. Yet many people don't do these well. Fortunately, less than 5% of crashes happen because of brake failure. However, late braking is harsh on your car when taking a road trip. Like acceleration, braking should be smooth and consistent. Of course, ABS lets you smash the brake pedal. But you should only really do this in an emergency. Awareness and anticipation help reduce the stress of driving.

Improper Use of an Automatic Gearbox

Automatic cars are no doubt easier to handle than full manual cars. However, even though they are a good aid for shifting, you can still do it wrong. One of the worst mistakes you can make in an automatic vehicle is shifting between drive and reverse while the car is in motion. This places enormous stress on the transmission band, which is very expensive to replace. You should also be careful of doing this with a manual gearbox that allows it. But these are rare.

Downshifting to Reduce Speed

There is a common trend with some drivers, and that's using the gears to reduce the speed of the vehicle. This is known as "engine braking," and it's harmful to your car's drivetrain, such as the clutch. Rather than braking, some drivers shift down as a means of reducing speed when in motion. As a result, this will drastically shorten the overall lifespan of the parts involved in transmission. Proper use of brakes is recommended since that's what they're there for.


Some driving habits you need to stop for a longer car lifespan include hard acceleration in high gear. But also braking too late and "engine" braking to reduce speed while driving fast.


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