Organisation Is Key To A Successful Home Move

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For a lot of people, moving can come with plenty of stress and anxiety. It’s a momentous change, after all, and one that takes no small amount of work. If you’re worried about how you’re able to keep an even keel on an upcoming move, the best thing you can do is start taking action now. The sooner you start, the better, and here are some ways to ensure that you’re organised for it all.

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Know what you’re bringing with you

Firstly, you should have a good idea of what you want to bring with you and what is worth taking the opportunity to leave behind. Of course, you won’t literally leave those items behind, but you can sell them, donate them, or drop them off at a local recycling centre, instead.

Start packing what you don’t need early

Once you have decided what you’re going to keep, take a look over the inventory to see what you’re going to need to use now for day-to-day life. Anything that you’re definitely not going to need at the moment, you should take the time to start packing. Pack things room by room, rather than all into one box. It might mean that you have half-empty boxes lying around for a while, but it will make the final packing much easier and quicker.

Prepare plenty of supplies

Don’t underestimate your need for supplies. Unless your moving team is going to provide and pack for you, you should start sourcing boxes, tape, and the like, now. There are plenty of places where you can ask for moving boxes for free, including local shops. It’s better to acquire too many than too few. Too many you can simply flat-pack and bring with you to recycle later.

Get movers on board now

If you want to skip some stress, then you should try to book movers as soon as you can, rather than waiting. You might think you’re saving money until you need it, but as moving day approaches, the availability of teams like Two Men And A Truck will decrease, and you might end up with less affordable options. If you wait long enough, you might even find that there are no movers available, meaning that you may have to scramble to rent a vehicle to do it yourself. Needless to say, that’s not very conducive to a stress-free move.

Categorise your items as you pack

Of course, you want to make life easier for yourself when you’re on the other side of the move, as well. To that end, you should ensure that you have prepared enough labels, and colourful labels from places like Officeworks can help a lot. This way, you can make sure that you know where items have to go and, at a glance, you can direct your team to put everything in its right place.

Moving is a demanding and stressful time, regardless of how you handle it. However, with the tips above, you can make sure that you’re able to undermine some of those sources of stress with forethought and organization.


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