How To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Home

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We spend a lot of time inside our four walls, so when we plan home improvement projects, we tend to prioritise those that take place inside the home over those that take place outside of it. While this makes perfect sense because we live inside, not outside, it is worthwhile to spend some time investigating ways to improve the exterior of your home. First impressions matter, and you'll be surprised at how different you'll feel about your home after transforming the outside space. Keeping this in mind, here are four tips for improving the exterior of your home. 

Consider its kerb appeal

Approach your home with fresh eyes and consider the overall first impression. You will then want to break down this impression into finer details and determine which areas require attention.

A new front door can do wonders and completely transform the frontage. Similarly, window replacement can improve both the appearance and the insulation.

Your driveway may benefit from resurfacing, and any fencing and gates may need to be replaced. Maintain even and weed-free pathways to ensure that they are both attractive and safe for visitors.

If you have a garden, try to keep it tidy, and if it's difficult to maintain, consider covering it in gravel and putting a few pots out there instead. This will give you a very tidy and appealing low-maintenance appearance.

Maintain your roof and brickwork

This is probably the least exciting project on the list, but it is also the most important.

First and foremost, you must ensure that your roof is in good working order. If you have a flat roof, it may have a shorter life than a pitched roof, so consider EPDM rubber roofing to improve and resurface it. If you find any leaks or notice that heat is escaping through it, call in an expert for advice and quotes.

As brickwork weathers, it may require repointing, and you may also need to consider cavity wall insulation or damp proofing installations. Again, bring in professionals to seek advice in these areas.

Spend some time on your garden

Your garden can drastically alter how you use and perceive the exterior of your home.

A garden, unlike other areas of your home, is constantly changing, so this can be an ongoing project. You could try different elements each season for a year or two to get it to the point where you're happy with it.

You can design features, pathways, lawns, container areas, wildlife areas, fruit and vegetable plots, beautiful shrubs and flower beds, and more. Add to that an inviting seating area, and you'll want to spend a lot more time outside.

You could also include a garden room to increase your living space while also creating an interesting feature and focal point in your garden.

Give your doors a lick of paint

Finally, if you don’t want to replace your front door but it’s looking a little worn down, consider repainting it to freshen up its look. Similarly, you could do this for any other visible exterior doors such as a garage or side door.

These simple but smart ideas will help you improve the aesthetics of your home.


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