Fun Ways to Make the Most of Spring/ Summer 2019

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Looking to make 2019 one to remember? With spring now underway we’ve reached the part of the year where most of us think about getting out there, doing more and making some memories- so how will you make the most of things? Here are a few ideas for going about it.

Visit a place you wouldn’t ordinarily consider
If you travel or go on vacation a lot, chances are you’ll have visited lots of places already and have your preferences when it comes to where you like to go. But instead of taking the safe option, why not do something completely different? If you always travel to hot countries, maybe you could go somewhere cold and snowy. If you usually go to cities and built up areas, how about trekking somewhere rural or remote- like the outback or the mountains? It’s great to have a completely different experience now and again, the world is so vast that there’s so much to see and do. So if you’ve fallen into a bit of a travel rut then break it with your next trip.

Join a country club
Country clubs give you access to all kinds of sporting and leisure activities and can be a great way to meet others. While they have a reputation of being incredibly expensive, the prices vary wildly and there are even working class country clubs which those that aren’t incredibly wealthy are able to utilise. Country clubs tend to be pretty exclusive, meaning they’re not always the easiest to join. However, if you have somewhere in mind that you’d like to attend, do your research of the club and carefully follow their application process. There’s a certain etiquette you’ll need to follow to fit in and prevent offending others. According to, nannies can often be an issue as they tend to run off for periods of time and leave the children they’re caring for under supervision of the staff. Do a little research, work out what is and isn’t acceptable for the place you’re going to.

Go to more places
Instead of going on an annual summer holiday for a fortnight in July, why not break it up? Use your budget to go on lots of smaller trips instead, you can always find cheap getaways for a few days on sites like Groupon and it generally enables you to see more of the world. It doesn’t always have to be somewhere tropical, you could visit towns and villages off the beaten path, you could take weekends away in the country that you live in, even smaller breaks like camping. What better way to spend your free time than exploring new places.


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