28 Day Reading Challenge - Day 10

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I've read some pretty good chick-lit lately.  Sophie Kinsella never fails to come through.  One of her new books, Surprise Me also does not disappoint.

What happens when you come to the realization that you are actually going to be married to the same person for 50+ years?  This is question facing Sylvie and Dan after they have a joint check up with their GP.  What follows is a hysterical story of the unintended mishaps when a couple tries to one up each other in an elaborate game of surprises.

They inadvertently learn past secrets and discover what the nuances of marriage can be.  All of the intricacies of knowing someone, the associated comforts, and what can sometimes be complications of being intertwined together.

A great story full of funny characters and unexpected twists and turns.

Until next time and another great read!

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