Getting Fit and Healthy after an Eating Disorder

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While most people associate healthy living plans with losing weight, they are just as vital for people that have been guilty of under eating. If you’ve been anorexic or suffered malnutrition, getting back to health and fitness can feel like an impossible challenge. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The key, as with many aspects in life, is to start with baby steps. Here are five things you can do to make the journey ahead feel a whole lot smoother.

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Find A Diet Plan You Can Stick Too
 You wouldn’t expect an obese person to suddenly start eating 1200 calories per day as it is far better to embrace a gradual transformation. The same sentiments ring true when trying to put weight back on. This site will offer help forming a meal plan for your individual needs and circumstances. Ultimately, though, the goal is to establish a positive relationship with food. This allows you to gain weight and the right nutrients without running the risk of becoming an overeater.

 Exercise At Home
 The harsh reality is that society has a horrible way of making people feel ashamed of their bodies and past mistakes. This is never more palpable than when you’ve had the realization that you need to change. The thought of working out in public is probably enough to make your body shudder. So, finding a home workout plan is probably the smartest route to success. Even if you can only manage a few minutes at the start, any exercise is better than doing nothing.
Feed Your Mind
 While the negative impacts of anorexia are visible, it’s pivotal to remember that underlying mental issues are often involved too. Therefore, you need to go the extra mile to keep your mental health in a good frame of mind. Educating yourself on the subject is key to your ongoing recovery. Meanwhile, providing support to others can bring many personal rewards. A good night’s sleep and reduced stress levels are likely to have a very positive impact. The mind is your greatest tool.

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Change Your Clothes
 Having size zero clothes in the wardrobe will discourage you from losing weight. Sell them or donate them to charity before treating yourself to bigger clothes. They will feel bigger at the start, but this forces you to put a little weight on to stop them looking bad. Of course, you may want to keep an outfit or two for occasions where you need to look professional. Nonetheless, this very simple mind trick will give you the incentive to put some weight on and avoid relapsing.
Take Your Time
 While you have your eyes cast towards a future of enjoying life as you did before anorexia, you must not rush the process. Aside from the gym, eating out at restaurants may be a little too daunting right now. The thought of having people watch you can be scary, so start the transition with family meals at home. Once this feels comfortable, you have the perfect excuse for hosting a small party where food is there but isn’t the main focus. Worry about public eating later on.


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