Create a Bucket List With Your Bullet Journal

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One of the excellent things you can do with a bullet journal is create a bucket list. This isn’t just a simple list of the short-term and long-term goals you want to achieve, but really includes things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. Don’t be afraid to include things that might seem almost impossible, but still within our reach at some point. It gives you something amazing to strive for.

Dedicate a Large Section to the List

Bucket lists can get quite long and you will likely be adding to it for a while, so make sure you don’t just have it on a single page. It helps to dedicate several pages of your bullet journal to the bucket list, including front and back spaces. Think about how much you might want to actually do in the future, and you can imagine how much room you will need. You can always add in more pages later, but saving them now helps to keep it better organized. 

Work on it Slowly 

Don’t feel like you need to create the entire list now. It is not like a to-do list where you need to know all the important tasks at one time. It should be slow and gradual, something you are consistently adding to as you think of things. Today, just start the list and give it a few things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. It can be anything, big or small, that you feel would be an ultimate life goal. 

Have Different Categories For the List 

You may also want o split up your bucket list into different categories, especially if you have a lot of different areas of your life where goals exist. For example, you can have a family section that includes getting married and having children, a travel section with the different places you would like to see and visit, and personal goals like a major fitness goal to be added. 

Peek at Other Lists For Inspiration 

Sometimes it is hard to think of what should go on your list, so you have a peek at other bucket lists. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It makes sense that more than one people have a similar goal. Perhaps you are looking at another bucket list and while they want to someday go to the Grand Canyon, you have been there, but it sparks a new idea related to that. 

Start With Something You Can Accomplish Soon 

While the bucket list doesn’t have to include things within your reach, it gets it going and motivates you when you can have at least one thing you are able to accomplish soon. For example, if you have never asked someone out on a date that you haven’t met, that is something that might seem scary, but definitely something you can do soon. Go ahead and add it!

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