Bullet Journalling: The Parenting Savior No One Tells You About

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Even if you don’t realize that you need a bullet journal in your life, you were drawn to this post for a reason. And, that reason is that journaling in this way could be your parenting savior.
Forget childcare professionals and deep breathing; it’s possible that, with a bullet journal to hand, you can boss this parenting thing better than anyone you know.
Parenting and journaling go together like love and marriage. As in, the two should be together until death (or growing children) do them part. Even better, getting started here is cheap and easy. All you need to do is invest in a bullet journal-friendly pad like those found at pageflutter.com. Then, you can get started with the following parental benefits.

An easy way to manage your time

Most parents struggle with time management. There aren’t enough hours in the day now you have little people in your life. When they’re awake, every minute goes towards their happiness. When they’re asleep, you clean the house and get things together for the next day. There’s no time for going out, seeing friends, or taking any time for yourself. That can make this parenting thing tough, and it doesn’t need to be your reality. With a bullet journal, you can carefully outline every aspect of your day. This will allow you to see where you have spare time, and thus how you can utilize it. For the price of one notebook, then, your parenting time management struggle could come to an end. Who could say no to that?

A way to keep track of your kid's important appointments

Nothing makes you feel like a worse parent than forgetting your kid’s dental appointments. Far from just making you look terrible, this could spell danger for your children's’ teeth. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll find that the dentist strikes you all off their books forever. Hello, rotting teeth and aching gums. Your kids don’t deserve that, do they? The trouble is, of course, that you need to make family appointments with a dentist like https://silverlakefamilydental.com six months in advance. It’s no wonder things are slightly difficult to keep track of. That’s not even the longest gap between appointments which you face. When you book up for eye exams, there are a whole two years between. That’s impossible to track. Unless, of course, you make a note of everything like this in your trusted bullet journal.

A space just for you

It’s also worth noting that bullet journals aren’t all about the practical stuff. Getting into this habit can also work wonders for your mental health. Within your journal, you can write down your thoughts, or just get stuck in with a little creativity for yourself. Either way, that little journal will provide a space which is all yours. That’s difficult to come by when you have kids in your life, and it could give you a refreshing space in which to fill your well whenever you’re running dry.


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