The Life Lessons That Debt Gives Us

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Debt is a gremlin on our shoulder, that gnarls, drools and pulls us down all the time. We only have ourselves to blame because we let the gremlin into our lives and let it climb up onto us. It has no power unless we give it power. Yet, people will still get into debt not knowing what will happen to them once they are at the mercy of a bank or financial company. Maybe that’s why we don’t fear debt at first because we are not familiar with it. We have always lived a life where we can always go to the bank and withdraw our money. It's always been right there in our hands and debt has never really felt real. Debt will impact you like a freight train if you don’t know what it can do to your life. It can take away your financial freedom, and thus impact your lifestyle and most importantly change the way you look at money. That is something positive that you can take away from the experience because it will humble you into treating yourself better.

Financial freedom IS freedom

Not having money for yourself, means you are not free. When you have to rely on somebody or an entity then you will sing and dance to their tune. That’s why in politics the economy is usually the most important thing on voters’ minds aside from any rhetoric. When you can pay for your own place to stay, your own food, your own clothes, and your own travel, then you are free to live your life as, when and how you please. If you can’t go to the store to buy groceries, you don’t eat. If you can’t get to work, you don’t have a job. If you can’t live how you want to live and not even have the necessities, your options are limited to the point that your personal freedom is impacted.

It takes mental strength

Once you’re in debt then it takes mental fortitude to get out of it. It's not like some kind of black hole that will suck you in and then leave you with no option to leave. It's not the monster underneath the bed but it is a serious issue that creditors and individuals go through every day. Being in a place where you have to show your bank and financial company that you are trustworthy seems to feel like you are searching for approval or forgiveness. You should be searching for that inside yourself. You should be frustrated with yourself for allowing yourself to get into this position and seem like someone who cannot be trusted. Contacting and looking over the repair options, choosing a plan to use is one way to get started again. You will find out how your credit score can be healed so your level of trust goes up in the eyes of any future creditors.

Debt isn’t all bad, it gives us life lessons that we will never forget. It helps us to be more responsible in the future, be familiar with failure and challenge our mind to think and act more clearly.


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