Sneaky Hacks That Will Convince The Whole Family To Exercise More

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Being a mom is a full-time job. Not only do you have to wash clothes and cook meals, but you’ve got to safeguard everybody’s health and wellbeing, too. And yes, that goes for the man of the house as well! Apparently, he’s too lazy to bother about cholesterol and working out and thinks he can get himself go.
Well, you have other ideas because your family isn’t going to turn up on a reality TV show and be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Nope, your husband and children are going to set the example for everyone else to follow.

These are the sneaky hacks that will make it happen.

Turn It Into A Competition

The urge to win is one thing children can’t resist, so you should use this to your advantage. Set targets and let them know that you’re winning. On top of that, make sure they know they’re getting beat off an old person. Before long, they’ll “show you” by investing in the challenge and trying to make sure they’re the victor. It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated either as the “Step Challenge” is enough. Find out more info here. The key is to use their hatred of losing against them so that they get a basic amount of daily exercise.

Create Cues

Once they are into a routine, they’ll work out without thinking twice. Until that point, everybody needs a kick up the backside to get them into shape. The easiest and most effective hack at your disposal is a cue. For example, lay your husband’s gym clothes out for him at night. In the morning, it should convince him to exercise before or after work. Not only that but it takes away the hassle of having to do the organization part himself. What a typical man! Find out more about workout cues here.

Ask A Friend

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t enjoy working out with a buddy. Okay, they might not like it yet they prefer it than doing it alone, which is a long, hard slog. You’re ready to be the rock on which they build their health and wellbeing church, but they might do better with a friend by their side. Not to be rude, but men and kids can do and say things in front of their buddies which they can’t in the presence of their moms or wives. Therefore, it adds another dimension and makes it more enjoyable.

Give Them A Break

You should take this as a metaphorical and literal tip. First of all, everybody needs a break to let their body rest. Working out constantly is a surefire way to feel tired and pull a muscle or suffer from any injury. Secondly, it’s nice to have a treat to encourage everybody to continue with their routine. Cooking a special dinner which doesn’t involve kale and fish might stop them from craving junk food.

Now all you need to do is follow these hacks and the entire family will see the benefits.

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