Journaling For Mental Health

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Journaling For Mental Health

If you are someone that suffers from stress, anxiety, or depression, you should definitely be writing in your journal every single day.  Journaling is therapeutic, helps you get rid of all those thoughts and feelings without burdening someone else, and provides a host of benefits for most everyone.

You Can Gain More Clarity

Keeping a journal can provide you with more clarity. You are writing down all of your thoughts and feelings, which in turn can really help you to see what your innermost thoughts are.  With the rush, rush, rush and go, go, go mentality that we all combat, slowing down and simply reflecting provides answers we might not have thought of previously.

Even if you don’t realize it right now, you might have certain feelings that you don’t realize are there. This is why it is important to have a journal that only you read because then you feel comfortable being completely open and honest. There are those of us, such as myself, that can still pull the wool over our own eyes, but writing it out can help in living the more examined life.

It Helps You to Be More Creative

If you've read any other post in my blog, you've likely noticed that I have this thing with creativity.  Actually, it is more like a love/hate battle.  Read more here.  

Journaling is an excellent way to release your inner creativity that might have been hiding. Perhaps you get so caught up in your day to day life that you don’t often have the opportunity to be creative.  Journaling is a form of self-expression, even if you are just writing down what you did that day. By performing this self-expression on a regular basis, you really can start being more creative in other areas of your life.

Journaling Lets You Find Your Triggers

There are certain triggers you might be dealing with in relation to your mental health. There are situations and people that can lead to having a day where your depression worsens, you feel more stress, or your anxiety causes severe panic attacks.

By journaling every day, you can look for certain patterns that will show what might be causing these things. It can be anything from drinking caffeine to dealing with a certain co-worker.  So many different situations and events can trigger your mental health episodes, and it is important o know what they are. Even if you see a therapist, they often recommend writing in a journal every day.

It Becomes a Way to Release Your Burdens

Mental health is often more difficult to deal with when you don’t have a way to release your mental burden. If you keep all of those thoughts and feelings bottled up, it makes everything harder to deal with.  If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone, then you can write in a journal and still feel like you are letting all of that out.  Letting it out is the most important part whether it be to a friend or a journal.  


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