Social Media Automation Series - Part 7: Metricool and Sumall

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Metricool and Sumall are different compared to the other platforms I've reviewed. They are more tailored to analytics but each in its own unique way. Sumall is more automation with emailed analytics while Metricool analyzes both your website and social media but also allows you to schedule tweets.

Sumall automates tweets such as thank yous and auto-engagement.  It then sends you an email detailing your stats on whatever frequency you choose (daily or weekly).  What I really like is that it allows you to do a 5 week lookback!  You can easily see what has been happening over the past week, how that stacks up compared to the past 5, and then it gives stats for every one of those 5 weeks in a neat table.  My stats are below.  Now, I'm just starting out so no judging.  I only have 216 followers so far but I've also only been blogging for a month.  I'd say I've grown pretty nicely in 1 short month.

Bella Inspired Twitter Stats

Goals - everyone is talking about them

These were my goals when I started my blog.  They might be a little lofty, but if you don't dream BIG, how are you going to get BIG?  I love's Blog By Number E-course and book.  There is a Google Docs Workbook that is fantastic!  It has everything from a Blog Vision Board (which we know I love already) to  finding your niche to editorial calendars to different groups to join on Facebook and Pinterest.  The Vision Board and Goals were the most useful.  I'm still a pen and paper kinda gal so I do really like to hand write blog post ideas and the like.So based on Sumall's stats, I'm 20% to my goal of 1000 Twitter followers in the first month!  YES!

BIG blog goals

With Metricool, you log in and see your page views, visitors, where they're from, and top landing pages.  If you click on the Twitter tab, you get your previous month, current month stats.  How many daily followers you are averaging; how many followers per tweet; how many retweets daily - a bunch of cool info!  You can even schedule your tweets with this tool and view them in calendar mode!  It has a chrome extension for posting on the go.  To be fair, I've tried the extension twice and the post failed.  I've tried it again and will give an update if it works or not.  I honestly didn't even realize they had the scheduling feature because it's rather hidden and not quite as colorful as the analytics.  So, I'm a big fan!  You can link Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but alas no Pinterest.  

I have to admit that I'm a bit confused why there are so many services that don't include Pinterest.  Is it harder to work with or does it cost more?

So the real reason I did this series was I made an infographic with all of the info about all 8 platforms! 

It's my first so be gentle!


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