June's Reading List

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As I mentioned in my May Reading List, reading is my favorite.  Yes, hear it in a 7 year's old voice almost at the point of a whine.  As an only child, it was my primary form of amusement.  Finding good books to read always makes me smile.  This month's reads seemed to have a theme of what matters to the soul, what is integrity, and how do we define loyalty.  I certainly didn't think I was embarking on a soul-searching selection of books this month, but alas, I guess I have.

First up is The Fountainhead.  

I never read this as part of my class curriculum growing up in school.  To be honest, I really can't figure out why it wasn't on the must-read list in high school and if not high school, then college.  First off, it is LOOONNNGGG.  I mean 752 pages long!  I'm listening to it instead of reading it.  You might think that's less long, but it is a 32 HOUR long book!  Once you get past that, it's very descriptive, rather pithy, and you definitely must have a bit a lot of suspension of disbelief to get through it.  That being said, I love this book.  The characters become entirely alive and you are rooting for Roark almost from the outset.  You also want to strangle him for being so principled and such a hero.  It definitely allows you ponder for yourself what is the ideal, what is loyalty, and what is worth sacrificing yourself if anything.

Next, A Wrinkle in Time

Again, another book, I never read even though it came out originally in the 60s.  I was actually surprised to learn that it had been published so many years ago when Disney just made the new movie.  While there are parts that seem a bit juvenile, it reads like many of the young adult books turned adult best sellers.  There is obviously time travel and searching for the childrens' father, but it becomes so much more.  L'Engle relied heavily on Einstein and other notable physicists of the time to really weave in more real elements of what time travel would be like.  Another keeper and I can't wait to see the movie!

Last, A Hundred Summers

A Hundred Summers is a fantastic read!  A beautifully written period piece when families summered at the beach, society mattered, and loyalty comes into question between lovers and friends.  Back to the loyalty theme, it seems.  This is more of a true beach read particularly since it takes place at the beach, but the themes in it are certainly more robust than normal chic lit.  Everyone's reputation gets put to the test; both for the right and wrong reasons.  

What have you been reading?



BeautyBlissandChaos said...

Lovely post! I enjoyed reading each description of the books your recommending. It gives me an insight of what the books about. I can't choose between A Hundred Summers and A Wrinkle in Time, So I think I might grab both. Thank you for recommending these books!

Sandy I www.beautyblissandchaos.com I @BeautyBlissandChaos

Elena Alice said...

I really enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time and the sequel A Wind in the Door (I think there are 4 or 5 books total). I have yet to see the movie... I am always a little nervous seeing a movie after a book I enjoyed, especially if they change a lot of it!