July Goals - Mid Year Review

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Can't believe June is coming to an end. I feel like the month just began and here we are at the end already. I kind of feel that way about the whole bloody year. Seriously, how can it be July?? I'm having a hard time believing that I've actually accomplished several big goals this year already.

Sometimes, I want to pinch my self and say:

Hey - Is This Really Happening?

So, what were the goals I set and what have I done/how have I accomplished them?

  1. The House of My Dreams
I am amazed this has actually happened.  It is remarkable that the right house became available at the right time and for the right price.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Granted I've been visualizing living in that type of house since I can remember, but yay for visualization that comes to fruition!

  1. My Blog
Finally, I started it and am really enjoying writing.  Been nice to promote something I believe in and enjoy.  Though, I must admit that there have been a few times when I'm like - do I really have anything important to say?  And sometimes, I'm just not sure.

  1. Out of PPD
This time last year, I was a mess of tears ALL OF THE TIME.  My tear ducts wouldn't quit and the worst of it was I COULD NOT answer why the tears were coming out.  There wasn't anything in particular wrong except I was working full time, a new mom, a wife, and EVERYTHING FELT WRONG though NOTHING WAS WRONG.  I am a get in there and get it done kind of girl.  I didn't feel like doing anything except crying and sleeping for months on end.  There are 2 pretty obvious signifiers of depression, but previously, there was a nagging reason behind my sadness (loss of parent figures being a big one).  There was no root, nothing I could figure out to overcome except myself.  More to come on this in another post.  Focusing on the positive in this post!

  1. Moving into a real community

This is not to say I don't have fantastic friends - I most certainly do.  I've actually known probably 90% of my friends since I was 10 years old and we're still besties, but I haven't been part of a community since I was 18.  You know the type of friends that you can just hang with, come over for a glass of wine for no reason, have parties together, your kids grow up together kind of stuff.  That's where we're moving!  I am so ecstatic I can barely stay in my pants.

  1. Made Progress with My Blog
This is different than just me setting up a blog and hoping it'll all work out.  I actually make pretty things I really like (even if no one else does-who cares?!).  I have 542 Twitter followers today and I just started blogging May 1st!  So far, I've gotten around 607 pageviews a month which is pretty awesome!  I've also found some really cool other avenues like Patreon, Zazzle, and Payhip to actually get paid for making stuff.  This is AWESOME.

Not to brag, but it's been a pretty kick a$$ first part of the year.  And you know how I began?

I wrote everything I wanted down in DETAIL.



Laurie said...

Hi, Lee!!! I am so happy that you were able to achieve so many of your goals with so much of the year left to go!

Isn't finding the home of your dreams the best? I moved into my place a little over a year ago and I still find myself shocked on occasion that it is mine. It's special and I love it!



Zoe Hanson said...

Grateful for sharing tthis