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I'm part of a Bloggers group #BloggersUnite and found a another interesting blogger, Paul. His blog is . His most recent post is all about him and his thoughts on the type of blogger he is. So I thought I'd tell everyone a little about me.

1. I love fonts, especially handwritten ones.

2. I have never felt creative but I keep trying every day.

3. I love being barefoot.

4. I randomly find half used journals from my youth.

5. I really don't understand Instagram.

6. I'm not a big picture taker.

7. Reading is my obsession.

8. I really like learning code like html, css.

9. Secretly, I am a HUGE dork.

10. Doing anything on the water makes me happy.

11. I hate sand. Like really hate it and will not sit on a towel on the beach.

12. I can be very Type - A and OCD.

13. I built my website on 5 different platforms before choosing Blogger.

14. I love bullet journaling but don't feel like I'm good at it and I certainly don't use it as it was created.

15. In the past 2 years, I have completed 2 life dreams: having a baby girl and owning my dream home.

What are some fun facts about you?


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