When You Aren't Using Your #Bujo

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The past several weeks I have not been using my bullet journal really in the way it's intended. I was writing my daily affirmation, my gratitude, and my goal every day, but I wasn't including ANYTHING else.  I wasn't writing about work priorities (yes, I have a real job) and things to do with that.  I wasn't even writing potential blog post ideas or creating pretty pages in my bujo.  I've been using a great workbook by Suzi at StartAMomBlog.com.  It's full of fantastic ideas, helpful tips, and resources; plus, a place for you to track post ideas, post titles, affiliate links, and so on.  It is AWESOME and because it's a Google Sheet, I can access anywhere and don't have to lug anything around.  

Which is Great but...

I'm really a pen and paper kind of gal and obsessing over to do lists has been something I've done since high school.  Currently, however, as you can tell from my post header, I haven't been writing any to dos or to don'ts!  Affirmations, gratitude, and goals are great.  It's important to remind yourself every day that you are worth it, what you are grateful for, and what your dream is.  That being said, what about the steps to get there??  If you aren't writing down things to do, then are you ignoring them, are you procrastinating them, or are you bored and don't have anything really to do?  I think I am currently a mixture of all 3 of those. 

 Allow me to rewind a bit.

I used to work at a $15 billion company; my division was $500M; my area was about $60M - I managed all of the Asian markets.  I loved aspects of the job primarily that it was doing business with China which has been my passion since I saw the movie, The Last Emperor.  There were things that also royally sucked.  For the first few years, I commuted from Charlotte, NC to Greensboro, NC which is about 1.5 hours.  I had conference calls at 6am, 7am, all throughout the day, and then again at 7pm, 8pm, 10pm or anytime in between.  How I managed to meet my husband during that time, I just don't know.  Finally, I was able to work from home 3 days a week but we also moved to Charlotte proper which was even a longer commute.  Kindle Unlimited's audio books were a life saver!  

Needless to say, to do lists and project management was a part of every day.  Managing multiple customers and multiple sales people in 15 different countries took some serious organization.  I had trackers for everything; I could tell you off the top of my head a customer's program in those 15 different countries in Asia and more than likely what they did in South America too.  I was on my A-GAME.  I was developing new products and innovation.  It was fantastic until...

I got pregnant.

I was trying to get pregnant without a doubt but we'd also been trying for a year and a half.  So, when it happened, I was like uh, now what.  Commuting for 4 hours a day and conference calls early in the morning and late at night were no longer going to cut it.  I found a new job pretty easily that was local.  In the interviews, it sounded wonderful.  I got a huge office and I thought I'd be doing Marketing and Product Development.

That is my job title after all

Turns out, I coordinate more shipping FedEx and make trade show arrangements.  It is, however, much less stressful.  It also means I don't exactly have a very full calendar or lots of huge projects going on at any one time.  Meetings aren't even scheduled using a calendar!  You kind of wait and see if they happen.  Strange, I know.  Consequently, I start my day with every intention of creating bujo spreads, but I have no tasks to really do or keep track of.  Yes, I fill the social media pipelines every day for BellaInspired and my company, but there aren't major work projects like I'm used to managing and prioritizing.  Or even more so, there aren't 20 plus salespeople asking me for a million things yesterday.  I wouldn't have been able to handle those things with PPD and having a baby, but 

I'm bored

I guess you can surmise why I started this blog now, huh?  I'm a self-starter and I like setting targets, achieving goals, and being successful.  It just doesn't feel real since it's not my "real" full time job.

What about you?


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