The Essential Guide To Getting Your Kids Into Reading

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How many times do you venture into your kids’ bedrooms with your fingers crossed hoping to find them with their head in a good book, only to find them with headphones on playing some online RPG with pals? If you have read my blog previously, you know I LOVE reading. You can check my many book suggestions by clicking here for all of my posts reviewing various and sundry books.

Reading is one of the greatest pastimes known to humankind and yet, your little darlings are more interested in simulated battles rather than their imagination. Getting kids into reading is becoming more and more difficult as there are more distractions to tear them away from their novels. Take a look at this essential guide to get your kids into reading.

The Bored Reader

For those kids who state that reading is boring, they simply haven’t found their niche quite yet. Consider the sorts of hobbies that your little one is into. This might be soccer, martial arts, wildlife or battles, and get them some reading material based on this. Your offspring don’t have to read the timeless classics written for children. Instead, grab them some non-fiction articles on elephants in Africa, or pick up a soccer magazine. Small steps into reading should be dictated by your child’s likes. They should never be bombarded by a wall of text as this is daunting and overwhelming, and your little one will always choose anything else over reading.

If they are bored with the page-turners that you are giving them, consider investing in some fantasy adventure books. Many of these are choose-your-own-adventure type books that give your child some control over the story. They’ll have decisions to make to dictate the storyline and they can even battle monsters, ghouls and creatures.

The Timid Reader

If you have a child who doesn’t mind reading but won’t let you know when they are partaking in a spot of picture book acton, you need to read to them. Read aloud and make reading time fun. Set aside ten minutes every day to share your love of books with them. Read them some funny poems and encourage them to read some back to you. Schools are great at providing reading books for kids, so ensure that you read together every day.

The Reader Who’s Read It All

If you have a child willing to read, you have half of the battle won. However, if you don't have many books in the house, it can be hard to encourage them to read. Join your local library and make a weekly visit to the bookshelves. Here, your offspring will have their pick of picture books, poetry anthologies and novels to choose from. They could opt for a spot of Harry Potter or a bit of Michael Rosen. You could even try them with an audiobook or two. Sometimes, listening to a book is just as pleasurable as reading one aloud.

Being a nervous, timid, or reluctant reader doesn’t mean that your child doesn’t want to read; they simply haven’t had the opportunity to read anything that they have enjoyed up to this point. Make it easier for them by providing them with the reading materials personalized for them.


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