Setting Your Kids Up For Success

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You want your children to be happy and healthy above all else. You also want them to grow up strong and secure in themselves and to be able to achieve whatever it is they want out of life. After all, as a parent, it’s your job to give your child everything they need in their first years of life! (And of course, for the next couple of decades too…)

Every parent out there has a different way to raise their child and because of that, there are some great (and various) ways out there to set your children up for success in the future. I’ve listed a couple of the best below, and if you’re a new parent looking for a bit of inspiration, feel free to read through them. 

Encourage Them to Ask

Kids are learning about their surroundings all the way through their childhoods. Even when kids act out and do things to frustrate and annoy you, that innate curiosity of how the world works is behind the action. Even when your child is only a year old and keeps chucking their spoon off the high chair, they’re working out what happens to the spoon, and how their parents react to it. 

Encourage this curiosity, even in its childish state. When you read to a baby, one that’s just starting to memorize their mother’s voice, you’re teaching them what a book is for, what words are, and that the sound that comes out of your mouth is one of love and learning. 

As your kids get older and older instill in them the need to ask questions and to never be afraid to do so. Children love to learn, especially when something is interesting and off the top of their own heads, so once they master speech, show them how to use it! 

Get Them Vaccinated

It’s a very good idea to get your children vaccinated as early as you can to make sure their first few years of life are free from the worry of serious illnesses. Kids deserve to be happy and content in this crucial (and sensitive) developmental period, especially if you want them to be able to achieve great things one day.  If you are leary about vaccines, the initial research connecting autism and vaccines has been retracted. Read about that on the Mayo Clinic's website.

There’s a huge range of vaccines and vaccine administration options out there. Most of all, you’re going to want a family-friendly clinic, such as CBD Medical, to treat your children. Places like these make it a policy to keep kids calm and stable during their visits and to make sure any memories involving needles aren’t painful in nature. Remember, babies can cry up a storm loud enough to distress them for the rest of the week, even if they don’t remember the experience as they get older. 

Setting your kids up for success is going to be a challenge, for as long as they’re growing and learning about the world around them. Make sure you’re always standing behind them, with some key advice, and a safety net when one is needed. 

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