28 Day Reading Challenge - Day 6

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The Help came out several years ago and also was made into a movie. It takes place in the deep South back in the 60s when white women were expected to marry, play bridge, and have the help raise their children.

Skeeter and Aibileen are the central characters; Skeeter, fresh out of college and longing to write and Aibileen, a maid that is no longer willing to keep taking orders silently.  Together, these women tell of the bonds developed between the black women that raise Southern Belles, the horror of the abuse some of the maids endure, and the strength that shines through.  

Skeeter and Aibileen work together to create a "fictional story" that is, in fact, based on their neighbors, friends, and the small town in which they live.  When released, it causes a sensation to say the least.  The author covers these difficult topics with humor and compassion.  

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