What’s Stopping You From Becoming Your Best

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Life can be tough, there’s no doubt about that. But it can also be beautiful and fun, curious and incredible. And if you’re not really living to your full potential, you may not know that. So, it’s ever so important for you to be able to become your very best self. Yet, it’s really not always that simple. Sometimes, you feel held back. Yet you have no idea why. And sometimes, you cannot figure out what you need to do to be able to make a change. And when you’re in this kind of situation, you’re not going to be at your best. So let’s change that. Because we all have potential and we all deserve to live our lives to the fullest and really get the most out of life. So let’s take a look at what could be stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself.


To start with, it could be because you’re scared. And not on an everyday, you’re so terrified of life kind of fear. But the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. The fear of changing your life. The fear of failing. Yet, you won’t ever know what will happen until you try. Or until you make that first step. And if you have dreams and you want to accomplish them, you need to feel the fear and work on them anyway.


Sometimes, it can be money. And if you do not have the funds to do what you want to do in life, then you need to work on that. Start to save. Get a new job. Sell your stuff. Start a side hustle. More money can always be earned, remember that.


Next up, it could be your health. Maybe you’re sick or something happened to you? When this is the case, you may be worried about how you can move forward. Or maybe you’re still recovering from birth injuries or a diagnosis and you’re unable to actually do much to help yourself? Then here, you’re going to want to help your health and get the medical assistance that you need to actually move forward. You owe it to yourself.


If you know that the opinions of others are holding you back, or what they actually want for you, then you need to just move past this. This is your life, and you need to do what makes you happy - for you. Because you’ll only ever regret it if you don’t.

Your Mindset

And finally, we then also have your mindset too. Because it could actually be the case that you’re kind of holding yourself back. And sure, sometimes this is through fear, but not always. Maybe you’re too negative and you always see the bad in life and in people? Maybe you’re pessimistic all of the time? Then you will need to improve your mindset. Because you’re only damaging yourself here. When you’re positive and grateful, your opportunities truly are endless.


Bullet Journalling: The Parenting Savior No One Tells You About

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Even if you don’t realize that you need a bullet journal in your life, you were drawn to this post for a reason. And, that reason is that journaling in this way could be your parenting savior. Forget childcare professionals and deep breathing; it’s possible that, with a bullet journal to hand, you can boss this parenting thing better than anyone you know.
Parenting and journaling go together like love and marriage. As in, the two should be together until death (or growing children) do them part. Even better, getting started here is cheap and easy. All you need to do is invest in a bullet journal-friendly pad like those found at pageflutter.com. Then, you can get started with the following parental benefits.

An easy way to manage your time

Most parents struggle with time management. There aren’t enough hours in the day now you have little people in your life. When they’re awake, every minute goes towards their happiness. When they’re asleep, you clean the house and get things together for the next day. There’s no time for going out, seeing friends, or taking any time for yourself. That can make this parenting thing tough, and it doesn’t need to be your reality. With a bullet journal, you can carefully outline every aspect of your day. This will allow you to see where you have spare time, and thus how you can utilize it. For the price of one notebook, then, your parenting time management struggle could come to an end. Who could say no to that?

A way to keep track of your kid's important appointments

Nothing makes you feel like a worse parent than forgetting your kid’s dental appointments. Far from just making you look terrible, this could spell danger for your children's’ teeth. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll find that the dentist strikes you all off their books forever. Hello, rotting teeth and aching gums. Your kids don’t deserve that, do they? The trouble is, of course, that you need to make family appointments with a dentist like https://silverlakefamilydental.com six months in advance. It’s no wonder things are slightly difficult to keep track of. That’s not even the longest gap between appointments which you face. When you book up for eye exams, there are a whole two years between. That’s impossible to track. Unless, of course, you make a note of everything like this in your trusted bullet journal.

A space just for you

It’s also worth noting that bullet journals aren’t all about the practical stuff. Getting into this habit can also work wonders for your mental health. Within your journal, you can write down your thoughts, or just get stuck in with a little creativity for yourself. Either way, that little journal will provide a space which is all yours. That’s difficult to come by when you have kids in your life, and it could give you a refreshing space in which to fill your well whenever you’re running dry.


Attention: Fix Your Posture!

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Don’t let posture pains stop you from playing with your kids. Flickr

Everyone’s unique in their own way, but there are also loads of things that the majority of people have in common. These days, almost everyone you come into contact with has bad posture. Unless they’re a ballerina or an athlete, then their posture sucks! It’s an especially problematic issue for parents, as you’re often stuck doing things that make your posture worse.

I think all people and parents need to fix their posture, and I’ll explain how to do this later on. First, I want to discuss why this is so important:

Get rid of chronic pain

How many of you are stuck with a stiff neck or sore back all the time? Most of us, right? This usually comes down to lousy posture as it means our spine and hips are just in wrong positions, which causes pain. So, when you fix your posture, it gets rid of your chronic pain, leading to a much better life. This is also good for parents who might be too stiff or sore to play with their kids, which is never something you want to admit to yourself. By working on your posture, you can become more mobile, flexible, and pain-free! So, picking your kids up and running around with them becomes a breeze.

Good posture makes you much happier and positive! pixnio

Improve your mental wellbeing

Yes, your posture links into your mental wellbeing! Most people assume that issues with your mental health are purely mind-based. However, it’s often physical things that can put you in a bad frame of mind. With poor posture, you’re very rounded over, and your body language is quite closed off. Plus, there’s the soreness to deal with every day, which can make you negative. When you fix your posture and get into proper alignment, then everything feels better. You’re standing up taller, your body language is way more positive, and all the pain has subsided. As a result, you end up in a much better mental space!

Keep your body healthy

The worst thing about having lousy posture is that you don’t realize the effect it’s having on your body. Staying in an uncompromising position will put so much strain and tension on different muscles or joints. This can lead to serious problems like arthritis or it can even lock your body into unnatural positions. If you don’t do something about it, then you could end up like a hunch back all bent over or your lower back essentially gives out because there’s too much tension there. As a result, you could be asking for a one-way ticket to a wheelchair. If you look after your posture and work on improving it, then you help keep your body healthy. This helps prevent future issues like these, meaning you can stay in better shape for longer. Hopefully, you’ll still be fit as a spring chicken when you have grandchildren so you can play with them as well!

As you can see, your posture plays an integral role in your life! If you have kids, then lousy posture can ruin things for you. Simple stuff like trying to pick your child up will be painful for you. Your constant soreness means you don’t want to play with them as you’re in too much pain. So, you really need to focus on fixing any issues, and here’s what you’ve got to do:

Strengthen your core muscles

Most people’s posture issues are caused by muscle imbalances - usually centered around your core. This is basically your abs, lower back, and a bit of glute in there as well. When you fix your posture, it inevitably means you strengthen all of these muscles. Why is this a good thing? Well, strengthening your abs can help to flatten your stomach, which instantly makes you look slimmer and leaner. More importantly, it keeps your spine in a more neutral position. So, it’s not over-arching or rounding in the wrong places, meaning your pain goes away and you’re more balanced. There are loads of exercises you can try, but a classic plank is probably the best one - and here’s a video to help you do it correctly.

Strengthen your back muscles

Along with your abs and core muscles, you need to strengthen your back muscles as well. This helps pull your shoulders back into their proper position, which stops them rounding over and causing all sorts of pain and soreness.

Stretch out your tight muscles

As well as strengthening your core and upper back muscles, you need to stretch out your tight ones. Inevitably, these end up being on the opposite side of your body to the weak muscles! So, stretch our your chest, shoulders, lower back, and hip flexors/quads. This loosens them up and stops all the tension and tightness that can pull your spine out of position. Again, there’s a video below that shows you some good stretches to try out.

Sit less and stay active

The number one reason for bad posture is that we sit too much. We drive the car everywhere, we sit at work, we sit on the sofa - and so on. This causes all the muscle imbalances that throw everything out of place. So, if you sit less and maintain a more active lifestyle, then the previous three tips will start to be more beneficial. There’s no use strengthening and stretching if you aren’t changing your bad habits at the same time!

Posture is a massive issue for the majority of adults around the world. It’s worth noting that women have more to worry about as well! With the effects of pregnancy - added to the fact that there’s some extra weight on our chests that can make us round our backs - it’s easy to get bad posture. I hope this article has done an excellent job of explaining why you need to improve your posture, and how you can do it. Once you’re aware of the problem, it becomes much easier to focus on fixing it for good!


Working Through The Pitfalls Of Life

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No matter how many systems govern our lives, and how effectively convenient and optimized our daily lives can be, the human experience will never be as well-oiled as a machine can be. We don’t run on algorithms. You might believe in the soul or you might not, but one thing is indisputable, we are all centers of feeling, of emotion, of care, of consideration, of moods, thoughts, and opinions. As such, we are much more akin to an organic being than something easy to engineer.

This means that while you can ensure errors are worked on through practical planning and forecasting, you’re not going to get all of them. Life is hard, and sometimes pitfalls happen. It could be as a consequence of our own action, of a difficulty that follows us, or of something else entirely. No matter the reasoning, sometimes working through issues of life requires a deft touch to ensure they don’t contribute to an extremely difficult living experience.

For inspirational guidance when these issues rear their head, consider the following:

Learning The Lesson

When a pitfall happens, we have a choice. We can look at a solution, or we can stay in our circumstances. Of course, the second option is often not one that’s desirable in the least. This means that learning the lesson is, of course, the only natural way forward. Sometimes the lesson is simply finding the strength to try again, or learning that someone might not be as good for us as we had expected. Learning a lesson can be painful, and it can be harder than simply intending to do so. However, aiming for this eventuality can help you find closure in some of the most difficult life events, and potentially give you the tools to grow from both good and bad.

Finding Help & A Community

Finding help is important. A community can be a real gift when dealing with issues that you might not understand, as simply connecting to people who have been in your position before offers its own form of relief, and that’s before you even begin to express yourself in a room of trusted peers or professionals. It might even be that therapies with an advanced service could be the help you need, such as art therapy with a licensed professional, or TMS therapy for depression. It is the opposite of weakness to ask for help or find it - in fact, it’s one of the strongest things you can do.

Taking Things As They Come

Taking things as they come can be an essentially important part of life, as there’s little chance or reason in trying to resolve all of your issues in just the one day. This prevents learning, and it prevents true healing. The truth is you only have to take each day at a time. You only have to take each hour at a time. Focusing on this, and doing your best within the time given to you to look for the healthiest option can give you a path forward that you might have been missing, and take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

With these tips, working through the pitfalls of life is certain.